Cha Mackenzie - Glasgow Muay Thai and Greenock Muay Thai Boxing Instructor

Cha Mackenzie, 'Pro Muay Thai' instructor in Glasgow has  over 25 years experience in Muay Thai, Judo and martial arts fitness training.  Cha has, and continues, to work extensively with martial artists and fighters of all ages and levels and has personally been involved in the success of many Muay Thai competition fighters in additional to martial arts hobbyists.  

Employing an adaptive coaching methodology, Cha ensures that each students strengths are developed in line with their individual ability.  Cha understands that the optimal approach for one Muay Thai student may not necessarily be the best approach for another.  This leads to individually varied and diverse fighting styles developing in each of his Muay Thai students, all based on a constantly reinforced and sound understanding of the basic principles applicable to Muay Thai and Martial Arts in general.