Pro Muay Thai is a Muay Thai Boxing Sports club with adult and children's Muay Thai Boxing classes and Parklands Hotel and Country Club, Newton Mearns in Glasgow , Scotland.  

The Pro Muay Thai club is run and led by Cha Mackenzie who has over 25 years experience in Muay Thai Boxing and competitive Muay Thai fighting in Scotland.  Cha is also a Pro Judo coach and instructor.

Pro Muay Thai offers children's Muay Thai classess and adults Muay Thai classes in Glasgow.  Training in Muay Thai Boxing is set and tailored to each individuals skill level, focusing on building up strengh, skill, stamina and confidence for each individual Muay Thai student in a friendly and safe environment.

Pro Muay Thai teaches a wide range of Muay Thai students in Glasgow, from budding Muay Thai kids and Muay Thai children and adults lookng for martial arts training and fitness development.  In addition, Pro Miay Thai trains those looking to take their training to the next level and have produced some A class Muay Thai fighters competing in the various Muay Thai fighting circuits.

Whether you are looking for professional level competitive Muay Thai training in Glasgow , or just looking to improve your fitness and find out what Muay Thai Boxing is all about, Pro Muay Thai boxing is the place to be. 

Pro Muay Thai holds regular martial arts classes for Children and also martial arts classes for Adults on various days of the week so you will be sure to find a class in our Martial Arts focussed training venue which suits you or your child.