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Pro Muay Thai Glasgow

Pro Muay Thai Training Martial Arts classes are currently available at Parklands Hotel & Country Club, Newton Mearns in Glasgow:

Our Pro Muay Thai classes adapt your training regimes to match your previous experience, ability and fitness levels.  If you are new to the art of Muay Thai, we will build a solid foundation of the Mauy Thai basics before progressing to intermediate and then advanced areas of the art.


♦ Beginners Muay Thai Training ~ The Basics

Pro Muay Thai classes focus on a wide range of Muay Thai techniques, building on the basic fundamentals of Muay Thai.  This includes stance, footwork, basic punches, kicks, knees and elbows and the options to defend against these techniques.  You will learn basic Muay Thai strike combinations on Muay Thai Pads and be shown how to hold Thai pads for your partner when practicing in pairs. 

In addition to the Muay Thai techniques you will learn, you will also be taught stretching and warm up routines and we will work on gradually building up your fitness levels and flexibility.


♦♦ Intermediate Muay Thai Training

As you master the basics of Muay Thai, we will start introducing you to intermediate Muay Thai training.  This is for students who have some previous Mauy Thai training experience with us or another club and are ready to progress to the next level of Muay Thai Boxing.  The intensity of the training increases and more complex techniques and combinations are taught.  You will progress to sparring sessions that are controlled and focus on correct technique and posture, with each Muay Thai student wearing protective equipment and under instructor supervision.


♦♦♦ Advanced Muay Thai Training

Advanced Muay Thai training is for Muay Thai students who already have a good amount of Muay Thai training experience and also may already have professional Mauy Thai fight experience.  Pro Muay Thai's advanced Muay Thai training is much more challenging than the beginner and intermediate training, focusing on taking your fighting fitness and ring skills to the next level.  Our advanced training is perfect for Mauy Thai students looking to prepare for a fight.

♦ Kids Muay Thai Training

Kids Muay Thai training follows the principles above, however, we focus on ensuring that the Muay Thai minis have fun while they train and understand concepts of behaviour and teamwork which the rest of us should have mastered by now!


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