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United Kingdom Muaythai Federation (UKMF)Pro Muay Thai Glasgow adn Greenock is affliated with the United Kingdom Muaythai Federation

The UKMF is responsible for the expansion of Muaythai throughout the United Kingdom (through supporting youth interest and athletes to learn the skills, assisting in the pursuit of excellence in the game, etc.). The UKMF’s primary objective is maintaining and promoting excellence in the Muaythai art – as a form of cultural art, self-defence and popular ring sport.

The UKMF is part of a World wide body who strive to unite and regulate Muaythai associations around the globe.

ProMuayThai is a member of the United Kingdom Muaythai Federation (UKMF) and we recommend that you become a member too and obtain your UKMF Individual Licence.  As a member of the United Kingdom Muaythai Federation, you will be insured for any fights or sparing against any other UKMF Member.  This will give you piece of mind in practice and also allow you to compete in inter club matches and/or sparring.  Additionally, a UKMF Individual Licence will allow you to grade within the club and help you in measuring your progress as your skills develop.


You don't need a UKMF Individual Licence to train with Pro Muay Thai, especially if it is your first lesson, but as soon as you have caught the bug, this is something you should look towards getting direct from the United Kingdom Muaythai Federation.  Don't worry, a one year membership is not expensive (individual cost of membership as of 26th January 2018 is £15 (Adult) and £10 (Junior) for 12 months).

You can obtain your UKMF Individual Licence here:


How to complete the Membership Application

'Membership Status'  ~ If you are not currently a member of UKMF, then select "New Member" as your 'Membership Status'.  If you are renewing an existing membership then select 'Renewal'

'Instructors Name'     ~ Enter 'Charles Mackenzie'

'UKMF Gym Region'   ~ Enter 'Scotland West'

'Your Gym'                  ~ Enter 'Pro Muay Thai'


Please note that you will require a PayPal account in order to complete your UKMF Individual Licence purchase.

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